What to Say When Things Get Tough: AKCG’s Senior Counselors Discuss the Crisis Communications Landscape

June 16, 2021 | Leonard Greenberger

AKCG’s CEO Chris Lukach, APR joins Senior Counselor Leonard Greenberger for a special edition episode of Leonard’s podcast, What to Say When Things Get Tough, a podcast series dedicated to helping you communicate in difficult situations, both professional and personal.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of What to Say When Things Get Tough, Chris Lukach and Leonard Greenberger talk about how the field of crisis communications has changed in an era of 24/7 media coverage and social media and how organizations have had to change too in order to protect their reputations and to build good will. Chris also shares his advice for young professionals who may be interested in a career in public relations generally and crisis communications specifically.

To listen to the full episode, please click here.

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