Tips for Providing Top-Notch Client Service

December 17, 2020 | Colleen Scott

As public relations professionals, we fully recognize the importance of aligning our strategic efforts with the overarching goals of an organization. You might even routinely ask yourself the question, “How will these efforts impact the bottom line?” While driving results for clients is extremely important, first must come quality, thoughtful client service, which is a key component in developing and maintaining successful, mutually beneficial relationships with clients.

The beauty of client service is that the term is subjective. Definitions can differ from person to person and PR agency to PR agency. At AKCG, our efforts are guided by our values of integrity, quality, partnership and stewardship. Our team hallmark is providing quality service to the individuals and organizations that we work with each day.

Here are some tips to consider when building or sharpening your client-service skills:

Be intentional and strategic in your thinking.

Great client service relies on your ability to think ahead for your client – what are the next five steps ahead, and are we ready for them? Be more organized than you think you need to be, and also bring a strategic approach to an assignment or project. Don’t hesitate to ask smart questions that help you and your client set expectations.

Show you care – actively listen and ask thoughtful questions.

Your clients are your teammates – show you care about their thoughts and opinions. After all, the public relations industry is not only focused on connections between stakeholders and organizations – it’s also about the connections we establish with one another as humans.

Invest in learning about their organization, workplace dynamic and their personal work habits. Listen to their insight as this background knowledge can strengthen your ability to meet and exceed expectations. Adapt to their work style. Pay attention to their feedback. Ask questions with the goal of fully understanding the matter at hand.

Strive to maintain a determined, positive and resilient mindset.

Despite roadblocks and obstacles, remember the value of maintaining a determined, positive and resilient attitude. Try not to let setbacks affect your follow through. Be open to other ideas. If you’re hitting a wall in terms of creativity, ask your team for support. Identify solutions to problems that might be on the horizon. Although an optimistic and driven mindset cannot fix everything, your demeanor and actions in difficult situations can solidify relationships.

No matter the industry, every organization and client will have a unique set of expectations. While you are working hard to accomplish those goals, don’t lose sight of your client-service and relationship-building skills.