Partners in Crisis Response

At AKCG, we pride ourselves on responsiveness to our clients’ needs. We recognize the urgency with which crises can mushroom out of control, and we advocate for nearly instantaneous communications with our key audiences to establish the tone of our response, oftentimes even before our response may be fully executed.

A crisis does not need to be major to have a major impact. We define a crisis as any event — large or small — that has the ability to affect the goodwill we have earned. We understand the vital interdependence of legal and communications counsel, and we recognize the power that crises can have, both in the court of law and in the court of public opinion.

For a decade, AKCG has been an approved provider of crisis planning and response services for the member institutions of United Educators (UE), including independent schools, colleges and universities and international exchange programs. AKCG has represented dozens of UE members on issues ranging from abuse to criminal misconduct to loss of life.

When a tragic shooting threatened to thrust Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital into the emotionally charged national gun control debate, AKCG worked hand in hand with the community hospital’s leadership team to manage widespread media attention and maintain goodwill among its employees and community.

When senior living organization The Highlands at Wyomissing agreed to terms with its former parent organization to become an independent Continuing Care Retirement Community, The Highlands and AKCG teamed up to manage change communications, mitigating risk to organization’s brand while reassuring residents and staff about its long-term viability.