AKCG Internship Blog

April 30, 2021 | Intern


AKCG welcomes interns each semester to gain hands-on public relations experience. Our interns work directly to support the AKCG team and our clients in proactive media relations efforts. Take a look at what some of our recent interns had to say about their experience with us. ​​


Describe your internship experience at AKCG.

Prior to starting my internship at AKCG, I had not experienced agency life before. I was not sure what to expect with my position as an Account Team intern because I wasn’t sure what proactive media consisted of. I figured I would be assisting with news releases, social media, and taking notes during virtual meetings with clients. If I am being honest, I didn’t expect to have as many responsibilities as I did, and my role would be more so in the shadows. To my surprise, however, my intern supervisor entrusted me with more responsibilities than I thought. I learned how to draft pitches, blog posts, social media copy, brainstorm proactive media topics, and support the crisis communications team.  I learned quickly how to multitask and properly manage my time while working with several different clients.  I would say my workload was more compact and productive in the beginning, and as my time here is shortening, I have less to do.  I have just been working with one or two clients now, so that is why my workload has shifted. Nonetheless, I am very grateful for my experience here at AKCG.

Xyaire Merriweather, Rider University


What information/experience did you find most rewarding during your time at AKCG?

Drafting Q&A articles for the Philadelphia Inquirer was my most rewarding experience with AKCG. The opportunity to transform notes from a medical professional’s expert opinion into something digestible for the general public was great practice for a necessary public relations skill. The first article I helped write ran in print and online – it’s exciting to add a placement to your portfolio!

– Vanessa Livingstone, Rowan University



What advice would you give to future AKCG interns?

Ask questions and do not hesitate to participate on projects that are outside of your assigned internship responsibilities. Work on as many assignments as you can because everyone at AKCG is there to help you gain the full agency experience and aid in your growth as a PR professional.

– Bianca Butler, Temple University